the planed tour

The first 7 months of traveling are roughly scetched in this map.

We start in Donaueschingen in Germany. There the spring of the Danube is located and it flows through ten european countries. We want to cycle down the total length of the Danube, more than 2800km, with our bicycles!

The time planned for this routeĀ is about 2 months. Particularly attractive is the prospect that you can witness the change in the culture of (east)european countries slowly pice by pice. By crossing the country slowly we can see much more than by just taking a boring flight to the Danube Delta. Our first visited countries are therefore Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. In Bucharest, capital of Romania, we exchange our bicycles for trekking gear.

From Bucharest, we then take either the plane or a train to Turkey. In Istanbul, we want to stay for a week and see the architecture and markets.

From Istanbul to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates will be our next flight. Again we want to stay for a week and see the city and the desert around it. In addition we are taking a week-long trip to Oman. There we can relax totaly at the beach after all the stressfull traveling. As soon as we had enough sun we will continue by Plane from Dubai to Nepal.

In Nepal we plan to stay for 2 or 3 days in Kathmandu for sightseeing and then go for trekking on the Annapurna Circuit. The trekking route through the Annapurna Mountains takes about 21 days. Consequently we want to visit Chitwan Nationalpark.

Just a flight later we are touring in Sri Lanka. On the beautiful beaches there we want to get an Open Water diving licence. We plan to go on further dives afterwards in South East Asia. Furthermore we plan to just relax for a whole month in Sri Lanka.

On march 23rd, the Holi Festival of colours begins in India and we will gonna wind at this time somewhere in India, where you can really enjoy the festival.

After the festival it is our plan to travel via South East Asia to Australia and New Zealand and finish our trip. At this time we will probably look forward soooo very very much to fly back to Germany and to seeing you!

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  1. I enjoyed meeting you and talking on the dive boat in Cairns. You are an interesting person and a free spirit. I hope you and Jana have a fun rest of your trip. Looking forward to following your travel blog.

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